Currency backed by labor = The Only way to Combat the elite.
The blueprint for a medium of exchange, outside the control of the corrupt elite psychopaths.
This idea is born to stop the corrupt elite psychopaths, The owners of the central world banks!

Money as we know it today, paper and digital, is an illusion backed by nothing and empty promises.
This fiat money is under control by the same corrupt elite psychopaths the owners of the central world banks!
The same corrupt elite psychopaths finance "all evil" that is happening in the world right now.

That worthless fiat money in any way or form is their only weapon "it is the number of the beast" you already use it.
They want to make the payment method 100% digital and they also want to put it under your skin like a QR code, tattoo or a chip.
So they will have total control over everyone at the touch of a button!

Let's change the way we all gonna earn and pay!
After All, Your labor is the only real asset! It's all you!
It's your time, your labor, your goods and or services you sell

- This begins as a citizen-led movement
- It will succeed as a citizen-led movement
- And it will be under control by citizen-led movement

This medium of exchange can have a different name in each country but Let's say we call the new money TijdMunt
This blueprint can be used by any country city, village, community or population group.
Please, copy this idea and make sure it is executed well.

TijdMunt are tangible and can only be spent if they really exists and owned or stored at a local TijdMunt-bank.

It won't be easy, but much easier than staying under the elite tyranny forever!
Tyranny only stops when we no longer accept the illusion and elite controled money!

The elite Psychopaths create money from nothing!
With just a few typed in numbers on a computer they finance "all evil" that is happening in the world right now.
Just a few typed in numbers control all of us and all our assets.
Today's Money "is just a belief system" controled by corrupt elite psychopaths and central banks!

If their fiat money has been declared worthless and if we no longer accept it, then the elite can no longer afford their own protection!
Because who wants to work or sell goods en services for worthless money? Exactly nobody!
TijdMunt cannot be bought or exchanged for worthless fiat money, the elite will not like this because they will lose all their Evil powers.
The only way to earn TijdMunt is by labor, through work, or sell goods and services.

WARNING! Bitcoin and other digital currencies can be bought with worthless elite fiat money!
You really believe that the elite have not bought bitcoin with unlimited freshly printed elite money or typed in numbers.
Just Ask yourself,, what would you do if you had that unlimited and free purchasing power?!

Which is also the main reason why Bitcoin and other digital currencies is only a transition to another illusion under control of the same elite.
This method the "Satoshi Nakamoto" 21 million bitcoin hype is by design, to let you get used to a cashless society and your online digital wallet.
Why 21 million bitcoins? probably have something to do with agenda 21 again, or a coincidence!
Besides how are you going to pay or receive digital currencies without the use of computers or internet control?!
Please just view the 666 patent... this is modern slavery, a social credit system and total control.


Elite Money Is The Root Of All Evil
Elite Money in any way or form is the number of the beast
Yes included the Elite money you use right now!

This is the Only way to Combat the elite, and take back al the gold and all other assets they stole from us.

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